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Hampton Community Charity Run

Hampton Community Charity Run


On Friday 19th September, we have organised Hampton’s second

Community Charity Run for Macmillan and Sue Ryder. Come along

and join the children of Hampton schools as they run along to our

theme song and run your first metre, mile, 3K, 10k, half marathon

or even marathon along a course set among the picturesque lakes

of Hampton. Join together as a community to raise money for these

worthy causes and get yourselves fit as well!




Every child will be given a letter and sponsor form to bring home;

please let your child’s teacher know if they would like to run more

than one lap of the course. Please support our race; any loose

change that you could send in for Macmillian or Sue Ryder will

be greatly appreciated. The Mayor will officially open the event at

9.45am, when our Sports Ambassadors, adults and 1L start the race.

The timetable of running for the rest of the HVPS classes is as follows:

9.49am: 1DS

9.53am: 1S

10.17am: 2L

10.21am: 2C

10.25am: 2B

11am: 3LC

11.04am: 3NC

11.08am: 3S

11.24am: 4M

11.28am: 4S

11.32am: 4B

11.48: 5R

11.52: 5T

12.08: 6S

12.12: 6R

The Reception classes will be running a lap of the school field at 2.45

which parents and carers are welcome to come and watch or join in


Hot dogs and other refreshments will be served in the community

centre from 12pm - 3pm.

If you would like to donate online please use the following link which

will take you to the giving page: