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House treat for Smith house this Friday!

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We are pleased to announce that Smith house has won this half term's house treat. As their treat, all children in Smith house will be allowed to dress in non-uniform this Friday 27th March. Congratulations Smith house!


As you will know from Sports Day, our children are put into school houses named after famous Peterborians, and they earn points for their houses throughout the school year. Each half-term, the winning house have a house treat, which after feedback from the children will now be that children from the winning house are allowed to come to school in non-uniform for the day and will go early into lunch etc.


The House Captains will count the points on the final Wednesday of each half-term and the children will be informed of the winning house at the end of the day. A text will also be sent out to the parents of children in the winning house so that you are aware that your child is in non-uniform. The house treat will always fall on the final Friday of each half-term.