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'500 words' competition winners

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Last term, as part of Book Week, we held our own Hampton Vale '500 words' writing competition. All of our 14 winners were kindly chosen by our very own visiting author Lou Kuenzler. 


A 1st prize winner, who won a £5 gift voucher courtesy of Waterstones, and a 2nd prize winner, who won a book, were chosen from each year group. Congratulations to all of our winners listed below. Please also find Lou's feedback on each winner's story and each winner's story can be downloaded and read below.


1st Prize: Jack Ager (Reception Willow)

I loved the description in this story, especially describing the alien as 'no bigger than a hamster'. It was very imaginative too and I love the idea that the friends were playing policemen when the alien arrived.


2nd Prize: Izzy Harvey (Reception Willow)

Great description here too – an alien the colour of a castle! How wonderful.


1st Prize: Mahdiya Mawani (1L)

This story about helping a princess was a clear winner. So imaginative!


2nd Prize: Evie Metcalfe (1L)

This story made me laugh … imagine an alien like a chicken!


1st Prize: Dylan Peabody (2L)

This story was very exciting, the dialogue was really lively and there was a great twist at the end. Really good writing.


2nd Prize: Alecks Ristevski (2B)

It was a pleasure to read this pirate story - I definitely want to know what happens next. Great pace which kept me very excited.


1st Prize: Jessica Mayer (3S)

This story had me on the edge of my seat. It was very clever to tie all the fun of the adventure in to the things that Billy really liked (like dinosaurs) and I loved the way that Grandpa’s character got more and more mysterious, right to the very end.


2nd Prize: Miqdaad Mawani (3S)

This story was so much fun. I love the way Billy caused utter chaos at school but I was always able to picture exactly what he was doing, and the writing itself never got too silly. I wish I could have a go at firing jelly sponge bombs!


1st Prize: Lucy Maunder (4S)

The description in this piece was amazing - I was genuinely unsettled by the terrible situation the writer described.  My only suggestion would be to look at the end again and perhaps cut the idea that it might have been a dream.  It was so well written and real, I felt it deserved a more exciting end. Wonderful similes. I loved the twist that the “unkempt” man turned out to be the long-lost brother.


2nd Prize: Gabriel Bowden (4S)

I loved the use of dialogue in this exciting war story.  I could really hear the soldiers’ voices. Lots of action which kept the story moving.


1st Prize: Daisy Kenwood (5T)

There were some wonderful similes in this inventive story about an evil octopus. Full of imagination and lots of surprises. The use of dialogue was very strong too - I could really feel the characters coming to life through their words.


2nd Prize: Caris Milner (5R)

I really liked the way this story mixed humour (with the moon being made of cheese and then eaten by her dog) and real sadness that the dog was lost.  Mixing emotion in writing is never easy but  here it was done really well. 


1st Prize: Sophie Mandaracas (6M)

The vivid feelings of sadness really made this story very moving.  I particularly liked the use of the senses and there was plenty of bold action too.


2nd Prize: Daniel Seldon (6S)

This was another very dark tale and the writer managed to make his grim, grey world seem very real.  Again there was excellent use of the senses. I like the way the ending is left to our imagination.


Special thanks go to Waterstones for donating all our gift vouchers and copies of Lou Kuenzler's books and to Lou Kuenzler herself for reading our children's stories and giving some fantastic feedback.