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Our Election

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As the country went to the polls for the General Election on Thursday of last week, we staged our own school election to give every child the opportunity to experience the voting process. A number of Year Five children stood as candidates and they presented their key policies at hustings events to the rest of the school. All children were then given their voting cards before they visited the school’s own polling station to cast their vote. Other Year Five children took on the roles of vote counters and returning offi cers. The winning party proposed that more animals be introduced in school so that children can learn how to care for them. Congratulations to all the candidates: Destiny Bailey, Lily Page, Austeja Zigmantaviciute, Louis Rodriguez, Josh Bradshaw, Victoria Tarasevic, Lauren Conway, Lewis Arber, Emma Hardiman, Isobel Grainger and particularly Victoria Garande and Harry Sutcliffe whose party won!