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Achievement For All

What is Achievement for All?

Achievement for All (AFA) is a school/home based programme that is designed to support three identified children in each class who may not have made the expected level of progress from last year or may still be below their age related expectations.  The programme is not a simple ‘catch up’ intervention program but will look at how, in partnership, we can support your child in English and maths, along with valuing any extra-curricular activities your child participates in.

An integral part of ‘AFA’, our termly structured conversations (completed over a two week period every term), will include a discussion between parent and teacher and, where appropriate, child too.  During the meetings we will look at individual needs and tailor any provision needed.

In partnership, we will track your child’s progress to ensure that they are achieving their full potential and, if not, think of strategies we can put in place at school and at home to assist achievement.  Therefore, if you are unable to commit to the structured conversations, please let your child’s teacher know and we will choose another child as our termly discussions are the most important part of the programme.

If we sign up to Achievement for All (AFA), what can we expect?




  1. Your child has been identified using criteria mentioned above.
  2. We will be in contact to arrange our structured conversation meetings.
  3. Provision will be adjusted after our first discussion.
  4. We will review provision and progress at the next structured conversation.
  5. Amendments will be made if needed to any provision.
  6. We will provide support by meeting regularly with you and discussing provision as and when needed.


  1. Understanding of why they have been chosen.
  2. Ensure that we all have communication about achievements from outside of school as well as inside!
  3. Completion of ‘Steps to Success’ card and keep on them at all times.
  4. Refer to strategies on the reverse of ‘Steps to Success’ card in case of difficulty.
  5. Attend the agreed structured conversation meetings and be honest and open in them.
  1. Understanding of why your child has been chosen. If unsure, speak to your child’s teacher.
  2. Attend every pre-arranged structured conversation meeting and be honest and open with us.
  3. Uphold any suggestions made at the structured conversation meetings.
  4. Communicate with us if you feel that a strategy is working well or not so well.
  5. Think about goals that you would like your child to achieve this year and come to your first meeting with these in mind.

When can we expect to hear from my child’s teacher?

Autumn 1 (29th September – 17th October 2014) Information on ‘AFA’, review last year’s learning, look at goals from reports and identify goals for wellbeing. Start ‘Step to Success’ card.

Autumn 2 (In class with the teacher) Review goals and discuss with child to ensure they understand why they have been chosen.

Spring 1 (26th January – 13th February 2015) Review goals and make amendments if needed. Meet with child.

Summer 1 (4th May – 22nd May 2015) Review goals and make amendments if needed. Meet with child.

How will we hear about our meetings?

At the initial Structured Conversation in the Autumn term, you have the opportunity to tell your child’s teacher the most convenient form of communication for you. Please ensure that you let your child’s teacher know this information. If there are any letters concerning AFA, they will appear on yellow paper and are very important, so please ensure that you read them.

If you have any questions that your child’s class teacher cannot answer, please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs Neary (AFA Champion) via the school office or at