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Our whole-school assemblies, with their opportunities for reflections and quiet contemplation, are an important part of our busy days here at Hampton Vale. Bringing our school together, as they do so regularly, gives us all an opportunity to consider the "big ideas" that help to unify communities and foster greater understanding among us all. 

Our assemblies explore social, moral, cultural and spiritual values in a calm and purposeful atmosphere; many also explore the key festivals and teachings of six major world religions so that our children have a deeper understanding of the beliefs and practices of those faiths. In addition, some of our assemblies - with their focus on our fundraising activities and the work of charities - encourage in the children an awareness of and a compassion for the needs of other people in our community. We define "community" at its widest, to include our local Hampton and Peterborough communities, the UK nation and the world community. 

Other assemblies look to the national or international events calendar for inspiration, and our themes will also draw on milestone anniversaries of significant historical events. 

Encouraging in our children a sense of enquiry and developing both their empathy and skills in self-reflection are also important facets of our assembly programme. Their opportunities for reflection are exemplified in the saying, at the end of each assembly, of our Values Verse, which refers to the School Values programme; our Values sit at the heart of the way in which we work and learn alongside each other. 

Our children gather together four times a week for assemblies and collective reflection:

  • on Mondays for key stage or whole-school assemblies;
  • on Tuesdays or Thursdays for singing assemblies;
  • on Wednesdays for reflection assemblies, for which children join their colleagues from their house groups;
  • and on Fridays, when Values and Learning Tools certificates are presented to nominated children. 

Parents and carers are invited to watch class assemblies, in which individual classes share their learning, on a number of Thursdays.