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 Welcome to Hampton Vale Primary School's website. We are a vibrant and dynamic school with wonderful children and a committed and talented team of staff who ensure that every single individual one of our children have an exciting and developmental school experience.  


We are a large school, with 600 children plus an additional 50 children in our Seedlings Nursery, where every child is known and loved for who they are. You as parents/carers entrust us with someone who is precious to you, and we work with you in partnership, to communicate and to ensure that you are fully involved and your knowledge of your child adds to ours to mean that your child has a safe, happy and successful time at school, that their self-esteem is nurtured and developed alongside their learning skills, and that they become learners. Successful learners are children who love learning, who know what they are good at, and also what they need to do for their next step, and are able to take those steps. We ensure that our children make more progress than is expected; we want the absolute best for our children. We also want our children to leave our school knowing that they are a unique and special person who has gifts and talents to offer, and to be on that journey of knowing themselves as people and learners.  


Our Mission Statement below makes it clear that we are a school where there are high expectations of children, where excitement and the joy of learning are created through a challenging and stimulating curriculum.  


At Hampton Vale Primary School, we are proud of who we are; no-one is invisible, we are all valued and our achievements and talents are celebrated. We are nurtured and supported to grow and develop in a safe and respectful environment. Creativity, challenge and fun are at the heart of our learning. Our community matters to us; our family, our school and our world. We each play a part in improving all our futures by being a responsible citizen. We strive for excellence in all we do; there are no limits to our dreams.   


It is an absolute privilege to be the Headteacher of this school, and the team at Hampton Vale look forward to welcoming you to visit and be involved in what we do.


Mrs Anne Neary, Headteacher