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Our learning

Exciting and Innovative learning at Hampton Vale Primary School

At Hampton Vale Primary School, we value learning at the heart of what we do every day to ensure that every child has the opportunity to thrive and develop as confident, independent and life-long learners. From Reception through to Year Six, our children are introduced to the concept of developing their growth mindset to persevere with their learning, and as they move throughout the school this concept is built upon and closely woven into everyday teaching and learning.  It is our aspiration that through developing learners who have a strong understanding of growth mindset, they will believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work and their brains and talent are just the starting point. Thus, creating a love of learning culture and a resilience that is essential for success in later life.


Our learning tools form an integral part of learning at our school; they give the children the ‘tools’ they need to develop their understanding of themselves as learners, and the most effective ways in which they learn. We embrace and celebrate each learner’s journey as individual and empower the children to recognise this in order to enhance each learning experience and maximise their learning potential.

Our children below describe in more detail about our 10 Learning Tools:



Lewis Wilson (Year 1 Beech) talks about 'Being Resilient'.



Sophie Barnes (Year 1 Aspen) talks about 'Working Collaboratively'.



William Harris (Year 2 Birch) talks about 'Working Independently'.



Evie Trotman (Year 3 Elder) talks about 'Exploring'.



Zuzanna Szpakowska (Year 3 Elder) talks about 'Making Links'.



Jeremy Earnest (Year 3 Elder) talks about 'Questioning'.



Suzanna Kananga (Year 4 Hawthorn) talks about 'Meta-cognition'.



Thomas Dainty (Year 4 Holly) talks about 'Distilling'.



Maxwell De Haven-Brandon (Year 5 Maple) talks about 'Critical Thinking'.



Daniel Cardoso (Year 5 Maple) talks about 'Reflecting'.


A recent addition to our learning is the ‘Learning Pit’; a visual tool which is used alongside our growth mindset and learning tools to support our children’s views on ‘getting stuck’ in their learning. The learning pit develops our children’s metacognitive skills, encouraging them to recognise when learning is hard and enables them to articulate their feelings, skills and strategies that they need to move forward in their learning, building confidence in themselves.



Critique at Hampton Vale Primary School

During Creative Arts week, we have introduced the process of creating a first draft, second draft, third draft and final piece of work. During this process, the children have had the opportunity to give each other peer feedback, self-assess and be involved in deep conversations with adults to identify the ways in which to improve their work.

Here are some wonderful examples of the critique process seen around school. These are brilliant examples of introducing the children to the process of critique and creating an environment of 're-drafting and feedback which, in turn, leads to beautiful learning and beautiful work. Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 were incredibly motivated about the process and could really see the value and purpose of what they were doing.

Below Reception are seen drafting their Penguin drawings through to their final results:

Below demonstrates the critique process from a Year 1 student:


A Critique Gallery from Year 2 is shown below:

Below Year 4 demonstrate their Rainforest first draft and refining skills:

Critique work from Year 5 is shown below:

Year 6 produced the below outstanding work after peer assesment in redrafting: