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Parent Liaison Group

The role of the Parent Liaison Group (PLG) is to help improve the communication flow between the school and families. The PLG is made up of a group of parents, who meet twice a term, to raise issues within the school, put forward ideas for improvement, air any grievances and generally help build the community within the school.

Members of the PLG can be contacted via our Facebook page, by email, letter (handed in at reception and clearly labelled), or by catching us and talking to us at school. All Parents/Carers are invited to join the PLG Facebook page (

This group is another way to give any general feedback you might have, in relation to the whole school, year group or class. It would be helpful if we could receive feedback about what is working well at the school, as well as what could be improved.

The group is not the right forum for any personal issues and concerns about your child; these should still be raised directly with your child's class teacher, or Mrs Neary.

All comments are collated and fed back through the PLG meetings chaired by Mrs Neary that are held twice each term and the minutes published below.