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Parent and Pupil Evenings

Parent and Pupil Evenings are taking place on Tuesday 19th March 3.30-6.30pm and Thursday 21st March, 4-7pm. Letters were sent home with the children earlier this week. Please book appointments online via doodle as last term.

Below are the links for each class group. 

London (RLB):
Cardiff (RKR):
Edinburgh (RSW):
Paris (1EJ):
Madrid (1YT):
Berlin (1HW):
Dublin (2NE):
Lisbon (2LO):
Rome (2HG):
Athens (3ER):
Prague (3RB):
Copenhagen (3MR): 
Beijing (4KB):
Tokyo (4KG):
New Delhi (4MC):
Cairo (5EG):
Cape Town (5FS):
Brasilia (5CR):
Moscow (6NC):
Washington (6JC):
Canberra (6AM):