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Pupil Premium

You may have heard of a sum of money called the 'Pupil Premium'. This is money delegated from the central Government to schools, based on a number of measures. These measures include eligibility for Free School Meals, children who did not achieve the national average at Year Two, children whose parents are in the Armed Forces and the IDACI index. IDACI stands for Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index, and it is a Government formula based on post-code.

We want ALL our children to do extremely well and attain at least the national standard. Last year, we weren't able to achieve that for all our pupils and so we are working very hard to ensure that as many of our children as possible reach this new, tough standard. As can be seen from the progress the children entitled to the Pupil Premium made last year in comparison to those not entitled to this grant made, the reason they did not all achieve the standard was more to do with our understanding of the new curriculum and tests we had not seen. Whilst all schools were in this position, schools like ours with more children who find vocabulary and calculation challenging struggled more. We learnt a lot from last year, and know that we will achieve higher results next Summer.   

If you read this document and you would like further information or have any questions, please come and see Mrs Neary or Mrs. Stuffins and they will be glad to discuss it with you.