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School Catering

The week commencing Monday 9th July 2018, our kitchen will be serving Week 3 of our Summer school menu which can be viewed below.

More information on Caterlink can be found on their website:

All school meals consist of a healthy and nutritious two course lunch. All children in Reception and Years 1-2 are able to have free school meals. Meals for children in Years 3 to 6 (ie. Key Stage 2) are currently charged at £2.30 per child per day. This equates to £11.50 per week if your child has school meals every day. Please note children can opt to have meals only on certain days.

We encourage all parents to use Parentpay ( when paying for their child’s school meals. Every child has a code created in Parentpay and parents/carers just need to register, then access your child's account to see how much money they have on their account as well as view and pay for school trips, swimming and residential trips. If you have not yet signed up please contact the school office for your login details.

If your child has paid school lunches, please can you ensure that they have enough credit on their account for the number of lunches they will have in that week. We do understand that sometimes things happen, and if a child has forgotten their packed lunch and you cannot bring it in and we will of course offer them a school lunch. Payment for this should be made by the next day.

Parents/Carers can still pay for meals by cash or cheque, however we will eventually become a cashless school in September 2018 and all transactions will be carried out through Parentpay. If you have any queries please contact Mrs Pearce or Mrs Peck in the office.