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The Library

Having been re-homed and revamped in 2014, our library is now a focal point of the school; an inviting, inspiring and exciting place for the children to come to learn and to enjoy books.

The library is where pupils visit once a week to change their reading books, and come to enjoy a story or two with members of staff. It has a huge selection of titles in both its Fiction and Non-Fiction sections, with new books being added all the time to ensure that the children have the best and most varied resources available to them to help and enhance their learning.

Throughout their time at school, the children will be allowed to select two books each week at a level appropriate to them,and they will then keep these two titles for a week to read both in school and at home, before returning them to the library the following week to exchange for two replacements. We do impress upon the children that once they have taken their books they are responsible for their care and safe return to the library. We explain that the books are precious to the school and must be returned in the same condition that they were borrowed in. Common causes of damage to our books include water damage (from leaky water bottles), defacing and pages being torn out (often attributed to younger siblings). We ask that when at home and not being used, books are kept safely inside book bags, ready to be returned to school the following day.

We use a library system called Junior Librarian, where each pupil has an individual record that we scan the books they borrow on to, and once returned, remove them from, allowing us to keep track of how many books children have and if they are overdue. In the case of lost or damaged books we do contact parents to inform them of the loss or damage, and make a polite request for the book(s) in question to either be returned or for a voluntary contribution to be made towards the cost of any replacement required.