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Weekly Attendance

Attendance for week commencing 11th February is as follows:
  • Reception  95.56% – Under target this week Reception
  • Year One: 96.29% – On  target this week Year One, well done.
  • Year Two: 94.61% – Under target this week Year Two
  • Year Three: 95.12% – Under target this week Year Three
  • Year Four: 96.52% – On target this week Year Four, well done
  • Year Five: 92.05% – Very under target this week Year Five
  • Year Six: 95.11% – Under target this week Year Six

Whole school attendance for this week is: 95.04%  

Whole school attendance so far this year is: 96.45%

Please note, at Hampton Vale Primary Academy, we are not able to authorise absence from school except in extenuating circumstances. Therefore we will continue to ask parents to ensure that they book all family holidays within the set school holidays to ensure that your children do not miss large chunks of learning and can achieve their very best every school year. We are delighted that the vast majority of families do this. However, if you do encounter an exceptional circumstance that cannot be avoided, please do come and ask for an absence form from myself. We will do our very best to work with you and every request is considered individually. Mrs Neary will be likely to wish to discuss the request with you by telephone or by meeting to discuss the situation and to ensure we can avoid penalty notices that can cost as much as £240.00 per family of four.

Please do always be truthful with school about your plans. Being open and honest about your intentions helps school to ensure our safeguarding policies are adhered to and the wellbeing of every child is accounted for and it stops your child being in an awkward situation. Thank you for supporting your children to achieve their very best; your support makes a huge difference.

Emma Krstonosic, Attendance Manager