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The Role of the Governing Body

As the governing body of Hampton Vale Primary Academy, we have three key roles:

  1. To provide a strategic view of where the school is heading
    We achieve this by reviewing policies and deciding the priorities for improvement, to be included in the school improvement plan.
  2. To act as a critical friend to the school
    As a critical friend we offer support, constructive advice, a sounding board for ideas, a second opinion on proposals and help where needed. But as a critical friend we also challenge, ask questions, seek information, improve proposals and seek to arrive at the best solution for all concerned.
  3. To hold the school to account for the educational standards it achieves and the quality of education it provides
    Setting targets for the school to achieve in the light of national and local targets, and then formally evaluating outcomes, lie at the heart of this aspect of the governing body’s role.

As Governors we don’t intervene in the day-to-day running of the school. The responsibilities and powers are exercised in partnership with the Headteacher and staff.

The strategic functions above are achieved by attending regular meetings; asking challenging questions; monitoring progress against key criteria; doing Governor learning walks and monitoring visits around the school and engaging effectively with parents, staff and pupils on both a formal and informal level. Rigorous assessment of the data across the school is used to systematically review both the school and the Governing Body itself. 

Should you wish to contact the Governors at Hampton Vale Primary Academy, please enquire at the school office.