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Aims and Values

Our Mission Statement

‘Learning for Living: Aspire, Achieve, Excel'

At Hampton Vale Primary Academy, we are proud of who we are;
we are all valued and our achievements and talents are celebrated.
We are nurtured and supported to grow and develop in a safe and respectful environment.
Creativity, challenge, purpose and fun are at the heart of our learning.
Our community matters to us; our family, our school and our world.
We each play a part in improving all our futures by being a responsible citizen.
We strive for excellence in all we do;
There are no limits to our dreams, aspirations and achievements.

                                       September 2015

Our School values and British values

At Hampton Vale, we have 16 school values, which are as follows:

Care, Trust, Peace, Happiness, Honesty, Unity, Love, Responsibility, Patience, Respect, Hope, Co-operation,
Courage, Understanding, Appreciation and Friendship.

These underpin the way we live and everything we do in school. Our view of British values is that they are the way in which our children, and others, demonstrate our school values in action in the community. 

The British values, set by Ofsted, are as follows: democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

We know that when our children demonstrate our school values, they are meeting those fundamental British values. In school, we teach our children about democracy, our legal system and the monarchy through a carefully planned programme that is woven into the children’s themes of learning. 

For example, Year Five children learn about the setting up of Parliament when they are studying the Vikings, as the Vikings had their own parliament and system. Children in Reception learn about the Queen and her role when they are looking at the theme of ‘All About Me’. Appreciation of and learning about, all the cultures, faiths and beliefs that are part of the Hampton Vale community is created through our Assemblies, including our Spirituality assembly, which is run by the children, and through our whole school Cultural event where all our families come together to share their culture and to celebrate.

Values Verse

At Hampton Vale, we trust, respect and love one another.
With patience, care and understanding we build friendships and co-operate
and work together as a team.
We show courage, appreciation and take responsibility for our learning,
being happy and honest in our community.
For hope, peace and unity.

Autumn 2013