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To view our Pupil Attendance policy, please click here to go to the policies page of our website.

Children who miss the morning or the afternoon register will receive a late mark.  We encourage the children to be punctual so as to ensure a happy and calm start to the day to ensure that learning time missed.  Absence and lateness are reviewed on a regular basis by a member of our Office Team who is responsible for Attendance.  The responsible staff member may contact families where attendance is poor or you may be called in for an attendance meeting. Our best learners attend every day and are on time!

Please make sure you are on time to collect your child/ren. If you are going to be late then please make sure you ring the school office to notify them. 


If your child is ill or absent for other reasons, please ring the school before 8:30am in the morning so that registers will be marked appropriately. If you fail to do so you will be called by our school office.

  Parents can view their child's attendance via the My Child At School (MCAS) app. 

Please email Office@hvp.org.uk for details on how to set up your account.