High Visibility

Digital Media

At Hampton Vale Primary Academy, digital media is taught in our very own ICT suite ‘The Hubble’. This engaging environment enables the children to learn and use computers effectively and appropriately. Starting from learning how to hold a computer mouse in Reception up to the more complex instructions of coding in Year 6.

We believe that the use of digital media is a fundamental part of modern life, so the curriculum has been created in order to adapt and progress alongside the ever developing improvements within technology. It is a skill-based curriculum; ensuring essential skills are demonstrated, learnt and finally mastered, children will spend time exploring new software and programs, discovering the endless possibilities of digital media has to offer them. 

We teach digital media in 3 parts: multimedia, digital literacy and computing, as well as using technology within other domains in the school. The aim of the curriculum is to be engaging and relevant, complemented by an emphasis on E-safety, ensures children are prepared for an immersive digital life.