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Faith and Belief

At Hampton Vale Primary Academy, we believe that in order to succeed in today’s complex and diverse world, young people need to have the skills to communicate with each other sensitively and effectively regardless of their beliefs or background. We recognise that we are part of an increasingly diverse community that is home to many people with different religious and non-religious beliefs and world views. 

Our Faith and Belief curriculum provides our pupils with the tools to develop their knowledge and understanding of some of our local communities in order to contribute to improving community and social cohesion and approaches to equality. 

We encourage children to effectively promote positive values which regard individuals of all faiths, ethnicities and cultures with respect. We encourage the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all children and young people and aid the development of positive individual identities for pupils. Though our curriculum, we celebrate the diverse community we live in by educating children about a range of beliefs, traditions and values held by people living in both our community and the wider world. 

 In Faith and Belief, we establish positive relationships with religious leaders in Peterborough, as well as visiting local places of worship. We aim for our children to be reflective, respectful and insightful learners.