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Forest School

Vale Forest

At Vale Forest we hope to create an inspirational space where all children have the
opportunity to achieve, through hands-on learning in a natural environment. We aim to build on the children’s confidence and self-esteem through a variety of activities and experiences.

These regular sessions will include:

  • Sensory walks
  • Shelter building
  • Bug hunting
  • Campfire cooking
  • Wild Art
  • Fire building and lighting.
  • Puddle and mud jumping
  • Tool use
  • Nature crafts
  • Plant it grow it eat it.
  • Many of these activities allow the children to gain a feeling of empathy for others and nature.

Not only are there health benefits from spending time outdoors but improved physical and mental fitness too.
We encourage the children to explore boundaries, using a child led approach, allowing them to learn by their individual experiences and exposure to manageable risks.