High Visibility


At Hampton Vale Primary Academy we recognise the importance of a reward system for children who show exceptional achievement, as well as for displaying positive behaviours. Pupils can earn individual recognition and rewards, as well as rewards for their house. 

The whole school is divided into 3 houses: Galactic, Cosmic and Astral. Each class within a year group is assigned one of the houses and the class will remain in the same house for the duration of their time in school.




Galactic House

London (R), Berlin (1), Dublin (2), Prague (3), New Delhi (4), Cairo (5), Yr6B


Cosmic House

Cardiff (R), Paris (1), Rome (2), Athens (3), Beijing (4), Brasilia (5), Yr6A


Astral House

Edinburgh (R), Madrid (1), Lisbon (2), Copenhagen (3), Tokyo (4), Cape Town (5), Yr6C