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Meet our Nursery Family


“Seedlings Nursery is always one of the happiest places to be in our school. The children are always happily engaged in their learning and are always excited to share what they are learning about! The committed nursery practitioners care deeply about all the children in their care, and it is a privilege to work alongside such dedicated professionals.”

Miss Chatterton
Assistant Headteacher - Phase 1


“I am very proud of our Nursery and have enjoyed watching it grow to the superb setting it has become.  I lead a dedicated team of people who are passionate about giving our children and families the best start on their education journey. I feel very privileged to work with our children every day.”

Mrs. Bull
Seedlings Manager

“I work with a fantastic team and love my role in Nursery. Seeing the children grow in their learning and reaching different goals is amazing. I enjoy taking our learning out of Nursery by exploring and extending their life experiences.”

Miss Cole
Nursery Practitioner

“I really like working with my  amazing supporting Nursery team and doing my duty each day. I like to see all the children develop in each area and also support them grow and learn in our world. I enjoy building positive relationships  with families and see them happy when they leave.”

Mrs. Palugova
Nursery Practitioner

“Working at Seedlings nursery is an absolute dream, seeing how much the children grow and develop everyday, feels me with great joy. I work with a wonderful team of nursery practitioners who are happy, dedicated and always have the best interest of each individual child”

Mrs. Double
Nursery Practitioner


“I enjoy seeing the children develop and grow, and seeing their smiley face when they arrive each day. I appreciate the feedback from parents knowing their child is happy here at nursery and making great progress. I work with a very supportive team in Seedlings.”

Miss Liu
Nursery Practitioner

“I enjoy coming to work to see the wonderful smiling faces of the children every day.  I also love the fantastic team that I work with in the nursery. We all come into work each day determined to make a positive impact on the children’s lives and we strive to help the children to grow and develop.” 

Miss Evans
Nursery Practitioner

“I really enjoy my role at Seedlings Nursery, and it’s lovely to see the children’s happy faces on a daily basis. It is a rewarding job, especially when you see the children grow in confidence. They are always interested and eager to learn new things and take part in new experiences.  I work with a great team of nursery practitioners who are passionate and dedicated to the happiness and welfare of our children which makes coming to work even more enjoyable.”

Mrs. Willson
Nursery Practitioner

“I love working in the nursery being around the children and the amazing nursery team.

Seeing the children come into Seedlings with smiles on their faces eager for all the adventures the days bring."

Mrs Benge
 Nursery Practitioner