High Visibility

Meet the Team

Senior Leadership Team

Job Role                                                       Name

Headteacher Miss P. Page
Deputy Headteacher Miss H. Daniels 
Assistant Head- Phase 1 Miss L. Chatterton 
Assistant Head- Phase 2 Miss A. Barnes
Assistant Head- Phase 3 and 4  Mrs C. Rumbles 
Assistant Head- Remote Learning Mr C. Petrie
Teacher and Core Lead  Mr C. Snuggs
Teacher and Year 6 Lead Mrs S. Foggarty-Slack
Inclusion Manager  Mrs A. Wright

Inclusion Team 

Job Role                                                       Name

Inclusion Manager Mrs A. Wright
Deputy Safeguarding Lead Mrs E. Krstonosic
Attendance & Admissions Officer Miss Z. Clark 

School Administration

Job Role                                                                   Name

PA to Headteacher & Clerk to the Governors TBA
Finance Officer Mrs S. May
Office Manager Mrs C. Peck
Administration Officer Mrs J. Farrow
Administration Officer  Mrs H. Cox
Administration Officer Miss E. Hills

Site Team

Job Role                                                    Name

Site Manager Mr D. Freeman
Assistant Site Manager Mr D. Collins
Premises Assistant  Mrs S. Sutterby

Lunchtime Team

Job Role                                            Name 

Lunchtime Leader Mrs D. Thompson

Goslings Team 

Job Role                                                           Name 

Goslings Manager

Mr S. Collins
Assistant Goslings Manager Ms J. Mitchell
Goslings playworker Mr J. Krstonosic
Goslings playworker  Ms E. Monteiro
Goslings playworker Mrs S. Watson 


Teaching Staff

Specialist Teachers

Subject                                     Name


Mr S. Collins

Mr C. Hill

Performing Arts Miss S. Freeman
Music  Mrs S. Pearson
Art Miss S. Richardson 
Forest School 

Mrs F. Baverstock

Mrs L. O'Neill

Nursery Staff


                                               Job Role           Name 

Burghley & Serpentine Nursery Manager Mrs M. Bull
  Nursery Practitioner Miss D. Cole
  Nursery Practitioner  Mrs V. Palugova
  Nursery Practitioner  Miss R. Liu
  Nursery Practitioner  Mrs A. Evans
  Nursery Practitioner  Mrs E. Sistern
  Nursery Practitioner  Mrs G. Wilson
  Nursery Practitioner  Miss L. Benge 
  Nursery Practitioner Mrs R. Smith 
  Nursery Practitioner  Mrs H. Clark 

Phase 1 (Reception and Year 1)


Class             Job Role                                             Name 

Edinburgh Reception Teacher Miss E. Cranwell
Edinburgh Apprentice Teaching Assistant Miss M. Lilly
Cardiff Reception Teacher/ Assistant Head Miss A. Barnes
Cardiff HSTA Mrs S. Pearson
Cardiff HSTA Miss M. Palmer 
London Reception Teacher Miss M. Stevens 
London Teaching Assistant  Miss D. Jones
London Teaching Assistant  Miss N. Denny

Year 1

Class          Job Role                                 Name

Paris  Year 1 Teacher  Mrs M. Woodward
Paris  Teaching Assistant  Mrs L. Jenkins
Paris  Support Assistant  Miss M. Ransom 
Berlin  Year 1 Teacher  Mrs K. Murdoch 
Berlin  Teaching Assistant  Mrs L. Jenkins
Madrid  Year 1 Teacher  Miss Y. Tacticos 
Madrid  HSTA Mrs L. Musson 

Phase 2 (Year 2 and Year 3)

Year 2

Class                  Job Role                                 Name

Rome Year 2 Teacher  Miss L. Onyett
Rome  Teaching Assistant Mr A. Wilson
Lisbon Year 1 Teacher  Miss R. Gordon
Lisbon  Teaching Assistant Mrs G. Kaur
Dublin Year 2 Teacher  Mrs K. Bedford 
Dublin  Support Assistant  Mr D. Tanzillo
Dublin  HSTA  Mrs H. Andresen 

Year 3

Class                    Job Role                                  Name

Athens Year 3 Teacher-SENDCO Mrs B. Lartey
Athens HSTA Ms S. Richardson
Copenhagen Year 3 Teacher Mr Z. Booth
Copenhagen Teaching Assistant Mrs J. Gilbert
Prague Year 3 Teacher Miss A. Morris
Prague  Support Assistant  Mrs Z. Merrington

Phase 3 (Year 4 and Year 5)

Year 4

Class                 Job Role                                 Name

New Delhi Year 4 Teacher Mrs N. Reynolds
New Delhi  Support Assistant Miss L. Church
Tokyo Year 4 Teacher Mr A. Knightley
Tokyo Teaching Assistant Ms J. Mitchell
Beijing Year 4 Teacher Miss K. Gallagher
Beijing Teaching Assistant Miss A. Musgrove

Year 5

Class                     Job Role                          Name 

Cairo  Year 5 Teacher  Mrs J. Azar
Cairo  Teaching Assistant Mrs S. Nanji
Brasilia  Year 5 Teacher  Mr M. Allsebrook 
Brasilia  Support Assistant  Mr O. Tanzillo
Cape Town  Year 5 Teacher Mr R. Boughton
Year 5  HSTA  Miss B. Hawksbee

Phase 4 (Year 6)

Class             Job Role                                          Name

Washington  Year 6 Teacher and Year 6 Lead  Mrs S. Fogarty-Slack 
Washington  HSTA Mrs L. Bloodworth 
Washington  Teacher  Mrs S. Polson 
Moscow  Year 6 Teacher  Miss M. Roberts
Moscow  Teaching Assistant  Mrs A. Ingram
Moscow  Teaching Assistant  Mrs K. Morris
Kingston Year 6 Teacher- Reading Lead Mr T. Hutton 
Kingston  Teaching Assistant  Mrs L. Caswell