High Visibility

Science and Technology

Science surrounds us.  Everything we do and deal with in life is science – from frying an egg, kicking a football, understanding how the latest iPhone works and how a rainbow forms.

At Hampton Vale Primary Academy,  you will learn the basic fundamental knowledge in all three aspects of Science (biology, chemistry and physics). All of our pupils will have multiple opportunities to develop on knowledge by not only revisiting units regularly throughout their time at HVPA through our interleaved approached but they will also apply the knowledge to scientific enquiries by learning how to use and apply scientific skills.  This is to ensure that all of our pupils have a high level of understanding of the constantly evolving world they live in. In addition to the high level of knowledge alongside scientific exploration, children will also learn about past and present scientists, both male and female.

The reason key scientists are explored are to give our pupils an awareness of the important part scientists play in our society as without them we would not be able to cure illnesses and take care of the sick, predict the weather or earthquakes, understand global warming or have many of the products that enhance our lifestyles today. We strongly believe if they have a combination of knowledge, scientific enquiry skills and awareness of how important the profession is, they will have a strong ethos for their future long-term education in Science and may potentially have scientific career aspirations from a young age.