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Sports Premium

At our school we believe in the value of sport as fun, healthy and competitive. We believe strongly that everyone can participate in sport well, giving their best and always honing their skills and progressing. It is important that our children have the desire to win, know how to lose gracefully and how to recognise when they have been beaten by someone who has practised that skill more, but have in them the hunger to get better and to perform against their own targets.  Sport is about teamwork and achievement through practise and our children enjoy their annual Sports Day, when they compete for their House and aginst themselves to see how far they can push themselves to achieve points for their House. Our Sports Day includes activites that all children participate in, and then competitive, traditional elements that all chidlren have been through heats to race in. 

As you know, the Government grants us a Sports Premium amount, which for our school is £10,329 for the year. 

At our school, we have a specialist PE teacher, Mr. Collins, who teaches PE throughout school and supports the teachers in their delivery of, for example, swimming. 

Our Sports Premium is spent on buying into a Sports offer from Stanground Academy, which gains our children access to inter-school tournaments, time with the Sports staff there, time for the Sports staff to develop our staff and acccess to competitions such as Hockey, Tri-Golf, Football, Netball and Tennis. Every year group has an inter-school tournament each year.

This costs £5,200 a year. 

The remainder of the money is spent on equipment and on providing our chidlren with specialist Sports Teachers from Nene Park Academy, who teach the children Dance and Gymnastics each year.  This actually costs £14,000 a year and we are happy that as a school we invest in our children's sporting opportunities. 

Our children swim between Years 2 and 4, and if they cannot swim confidently then we continue to take them. This is paid for through a voluntary contribution from Parents/Carers; almost everyone pays the full amount. The cost of coach travel is prohibitive without parental support. and we are really grateful for the support from Parents/Carers, as swimming is an important life skill and it is vital that all children get this opportunity.